FNC Tonight!!


Everyone Is Different

Yesterday I had the chance to change up one of my boards and I put a quote outside of the bathroom. The quote is “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without Diversity, life would be very boring”. This is from a motivational author, Catherine Pulsifer. She wrote the Motivational Wings series and this is one of the quotes she lives by. Everyone is different and we all have an uniqueness that pertains to us. But as a community we can learn about each other and help each other out.

FE Talk with Dr. Cummings

On Tuesday night, residents of McGregor Hall had the opportunity to come and interact with Dr. Cummings. She is a faculty member here on campus in the engineering department. Dr. Cummings has a lot of knowledge of the life as an engineer after college and what steps that need to be taken after graduation. It was a very resourceful program for the residents and food and refreshments were also provided!

Dealing with Stressors

In the middle of some heavy exam weeks to come, stress can be a problem for some students. Finding were it comes from could be tricky and dealing with specific stress can create even more stress. This board includes some things that could be creating stress and some tips on how to deal with certain stresses.

Fish in the sea

Keeping minds open, the sea can be compared to the world we live in today. Everyone is different yet some are overlooked by others. Each fish has facts on how some people are effected by the diversity in the world today, whether it is in there occupation, schooling, or just normal every day life.

Recipe for Success

Ever question what it takes to be the best? Or get the best out of what you are doing? I put up just a few ways how you can be successful. Maybe you need a little more hope, or a little more creativity. I hope a few of these ideas will help you get through the year.

Career Fair is Upon Us

With the career fair being just a few days away for some of us, I decided to put up  a board with helpful tips and tricks for the career fair. Hopefully these tips will help you potentially land that big internship or full time job you have always been wanting!