Card Night

On Tuesday night, 4th floor residents enjoyed a much needed study break and play some cards. The card games were complimented by popcorn and drinks and this was a great way to get away from finals that are slowly catching up.


Shooting Star

I got the time this weekend to put upĀ  a new shooting star door dec on the residents doors.

Autism Awareness

With April being Autism Awareness month, I decided to put up a board to inform the residents on what autism is and what researchers are doing to find the causes. This is a great board with great information for everyone around.

Save The Environment

With Earth day right around the corner, I put up a board to inform the residents on how they can help save the environment. With the information about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, I also put up interesting facts about recycling from around the country. I hope the residents go the extra step to help the world a better place.

Cards with Dr. Swenson

Thursday night, the residents of McGregor Hall had the opportunity to enjoy pizza, popcorn, and lemonade while playing cards with Dr. Swenson. Dr. Swenson is a math professor here on campus and enjoys playing cards in his free time. This was a great chance for residents to get to know Dr. Swenson on a personal level while having some fun.

St. Patrick’s Day!

With St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, I put up a board with a quote from one intelligence leprechaun. He is motivating us all to push ourselves and try something new instead of just waiting around and hopefully we will be lucky. We should all take this advice and try something new this month!

March Into Nutrition!

This board is for you all to be informed of the different types of foods that we consume today. There are examples of each food in the categories along with how much we should be consuming. Take a stop by and learn about the different food groups!