United We Stand: Curt Patrouille


Curt Patrouille, UW-Platteville Alumni, shared his story of how to keep a positive outlook on life despite the obstacles that are thrown in your path. Curt touched on his personal experiences of surviving being badly burned, 27+ years of military service,  losing his mother at age 20, multiple deployments while being married and having young children.

Patrouille, then 18, started to pour gasoline into the vehicle’s carburetor when his friend, unaware of what Patrouille was doing, turned on the vehicle’s ignition.”He basically blew me up,” said Patrouille. Twenty-seven percent of Patrouille’s body was covered in third-degree burns. He said he used humor to handle the stares from other people.”Being burned was the easy part,” he said. “Recovering for the next two to five years was the hard part.” However, he reiterated that it was important to keep a positive outlook on live and to bounce back from it all, coming back perhaps stronger than before. His talk was very informative and well-thought out. He touched on different strategies for becoming and remaining resilient, such as Active Constructive Responding.

More info about Active Constructive Responding and how you can implement it in your life can be found here:




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