Dinner and Dialogue

Last week, Gus and I attended the Dinner and Dialogue, a really fun and interactive discussion about disadvantages. We learned that everyone had their own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to find your own advantage and disadvantage and work to better yourself. By realizing that you can’t always see the challenges that someone has or is is currently battling, you can start to treat them with the respect that everyone deserves. We must reflect on ourselves continually and keep track of our advantages and disadvantages because they can change and that would change how we approach different situations.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a video that uses a roller coaster story mode, meaning your decisions effect the outcome of the game. Literally every action changes the game. There’s 8 total character and you go back and forth playing at each. The crazy thing is that between playing the characters, you watch a guidance counselor talking to someone, who turns out to be you and he is studying how you play the game. It’s a pretty scary game and actually plays off of your fears. The guy gives you a test where he gives you two options and you have to pick which scares you more, like a clown or a scarecrow, and then whichever you pick will show up in the game. While playing we discussed what our own fears are and why we think they scare us. We also talked about intangible fears, like failure or not being happy. It was a very interesting night to say the least.

Recomposition-Ted Talk

Have you ever thought about what you want to do with your body after you die? This is something that everyone thinks about but nobody really wants to. Right now there is only two options: traditional burial or cremation. But there is a third one coming: recomposition which mixes both in an environmental friendly way. Recomposition makes your body decompose in 4-6 weeks, making your body go down to its basic molecules. Then you can mix those molecules with soil which can then be planted for trees or grass. Right now this system is illegal but it is such a better alternative.

Super Smash Bros

To be honest, I am the worst Super Smash Bros player of all time. But trying your best is what really matters and I did that. A few of us played tonight while talking about our semester and what our finals week will look like.