Tag: A place to Belong

Card Night

On Tuesday night, 4th floor residents enjoyed a much needed study break and play some cards. The card games were complimented by popcorn and drinks and this was a great way to get away from finals that are slowly catching up.


Shooting Star

I got the time this weekend to put upĀ  a new shooting star door dec on the residents doors.

Who’s On Call Board

Being a new semester and some changes to the staff, I have put up a new on call board. I will be updating this board each night to whomever is on call. This will let the residents know who is on call each night and the phone number to reach them keeping the building safe and sound.

Fantasy Football is BACK

With high interest from the wing during move in week, I was able to create a Fantasy Football League for our wing. Late Monday night concluded the first week of games and it is great being able to hear the wing talking about the football games going on and talking about each others teams. This brought the wing closer together by giving the wing to interact with each other.

Campus Involvement

On Monday, I had a great conversation in the hallway with a few of my residents. We talked about all the clubs everyone was involved in including Student Senate, SAE, Ski Club, and Smash bros. It got the residents interested in one another but it was also a great way to learn on how some of these clubs help them through college and in life in general.