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Motivation To The End of The Semester

With only 5 weeks left of the semester, I decided to put up a great quote by Winston Churchill. I hope the residents keep going and finish out the semester strong with it quickly approaching.


Valentines Day

With Valentines day right around the corner, this board is a friendly reminder to take some time and think about something/someone which makes you happy. If you can, show some appreciation towards the things you love.

Dealing with Stressors

In the middle of some heavy exam weeks to come, stress can be a problem for some students. Finding were it comes from could be tricky and dealing with specific stress can create even more stress. This board includes some things that could be creating stress and some tips on how to deal with certain stresses.

Ups and Downs of the Semester

Last night at our wing meeting, each resident had to say one thing that made them happy this year and one thing that made them sad. This was a great community builder and even though we have less than 4 weeks left together it definitely brought everyone closer. It also gave me a sense of what was going on with my guys that I couldn’t see was happening.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a video that uses a roller coaster story mode, meaning your decisions effect the outcome of the game. Literally every action changes the game. There’s 8 total character and you go back and forth playing at each. The crazy thing is that between playing the characters, you watch a guidance counselor talking to someone, who turns out to be you and he is studying how you play the game. It’s a pretty scary game and actually plays off of your fears. The guy gives you a test where he gives you two options and you have to pick which scares you more, like a clown or a scarecrow, and then whichever you pick will show up in the game. While playing we discussed what our own fears are and why we think they scare us. We also talked about intangible fears, like failure or not being happy. It was a very interesting night to say the least.

Movie/Documentary-Standford Prison Experiment

This experiment was conducted back in 1971 to see how prisons fuctioned. Mainly look at how power played a huge roll in the actions of prisoners and guards and how emotion plays a large role in everything.

There are some criminal justice majors on my wing so they were particularly interested in this. It is a very shocking movie. Afterwards we had a great conversation on how this can relate to us today.

Ted talk- Happiness

Happiness is one of the most important things that a person can half. It’s what drives us to be better and for most, it’s the end goal. This ted talk was about how to get yourself to be happier more often. Doing things like finding your bliss, surrounding yourself with less toxic people, and not comparing yourself to others are a few simple things everyone can do to find true happiness.

TedTalk Tuesday: Fat and Disability Shaming

Yesterday we watched two Ted talks. One was about how we all fat shame people and they other was about how we only see people with disabilities as inspirations instead of real people. Obviously, health was a huge topic discussed. But even more important than the way your body looks, is your mental health. What’s the point of six pack abs if you’re not happy. Both Ted talks discussed how the words and actions of others, even when they mean their best, can really make a person feel bad about themselves. So stop comparing yourself to others and stop shaming!


What is grit? A few of us watched a TEDtalk to figure out this question. Grit isn’t something you can really learn. Just because you are smart or talented that doesn’t mean you have grit. In fact, many reasons why talented people fail it due to lack of a grit. Grit is resilience and never giving up. It’s a mindset and an attitude. 

We will be watching TEDtalks every Tuesday at 9 pm. So come check them out!