Tag: faculty immersion

Dinner with Dr. Larson 

Tonight, Dr. Larson joined us for a grill out in the pavilion inside. He led a great discussion on the importance of trees, not only for air quality, but mostly for the history they tell. It was a great night.


Before the Flood- Dr. Chris Underwood

Tonight we did a Showing of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Before the Flood”. This documentary does an amazing of showing how climate change is affecting us right now. After the documentary, Dr. Chris Underwood led a great Q&A and discussion. Many people got to ask questions and think about what they can do to help the environment.

Politics and Sports- Dr. Travis Nelson

Tonight, we welcomed Dr. Travis Nelson, the chair of the political science department to the hall. He gave a presentation and led a discussion about how politics have affected the Olympics ever since it was created. He also had a game where you had to name as many summer sports as you can and the winner got candy.

Is the media fair to us ?

The media has been portraying men and women is very stereotypical ways for years. Most think this portrayal is harmless but it certainly plays a role in how we look at others and ourselves. Dr. Mary Rose Williams cane to the hall to discuss this problem as well as others happening in the media. Everyone who attended had an opportunity to reflect on their own gender story.

Hip Hop with Dr. King

Dr. Frank King came in yesterday to give us a little history lesson on hip hop. I had no idea about the rich history of hip hop and how politicized it has become. At the end of the program he even let some residents show him some of the music that they listen to. It was a great time.

Milkshakes and Thank You’s

On Wednesday, the residents enjoyed some milkshakes while writing Thank You cards to their favorite professor from this semester. It was a great way for the residents to reflect on this semester and think about how their professors have really impacted their semesters. We had a great turnout and I will encourage those who didn’t attend to write one before the semester is over.

Are We Equal Yet?

Tonight some residents from 4 East and the rest of the hall watched the documentary¬†13th, a documentary on the connection between race and the criminal justice system in the United States. We also brought in Dr. David Gillota to speak about what we, as college students, can to do to make a change for the better. The program wasn’t as highly attended as wanted but those who did come left with some grrat information and a desire to make things better.

Rainbow Bagels

Have you ever wondered what the colors in the Pride Flag stand for? Me too! At this program, all attendees got a bagel and were able to use different colored cream cheese to “decorate” their bagel. We then had a representative from the Doyle Center come talk about the flag and to answer any questions that we had. We also talked about what it meant to be a good ally. It was a great program where everyone left knowing more than when they came.