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March Into Nutrition!

This board is for you all to be informed of the different types of foods that we consume today. There are examples of each food in the categories along with how much we should be consuming. Take a stop by and learn about the different food groups!


Dance Marathon!!

This board informs you all on Dance Marathon at UWP. Dance Marathon is an event that supports the Children Miracle Network and at UWP, our organization is the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. This event is where you can dance, eat snacks, and do arts and crafts to support the kids all night long on the 17th of February. I would recommend everyone to go!

Salsa Workshop!

Last night, Brain and I were joined by Greg and Cody for some fresh salsa making. This event was held by the sustainability office here on campus. We got the chance to pick our own ingredients and mix it all together. It was a great way to learn a nice easy yet healthy snack that we can grow in our backyard!

Push-up contest

Tonight, I challenged a handful of my residents to a push up contest. I got completely destroyed but afterwords we had a really good conversation about the benefits of working out, especially right before finals week. I might challenge them again but hopefully I do better! 

Be the Match Drive

Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer, like leukemia. These people are in need of marrow donations in order to live. Passing on Hope, a club and charity stationed at UW-Platteville, hosted a registry drive where people could get in the registry to potentially donate someday.

What is mental health

Tonight, a few of us hung out in a room and had a discussion about what mental health is and what it means to each of us. We decided that mental health is a very broad topic but that keeping our mental state healthy should be a high priority. We then talked about how we keep ourselves mentally healthy. Some ways spoken we’re taking walks for relaxation, breathing exercises, journaling, and taking naps. This discussion was pretty interesting and I think that each of learned some new ways to to keep ourselves mentally healthy.

Pain Killers in Sports

Yesterday, about six of us were hanging out playing FIFA for about two hours. One of the residents is going into the psychology field and wants to be a sports psychologist and work with athletes. I told him about this interesting thing I saw on ESPN where a handful of current players discussed the current issues going on in the NFL today. The biggest issue in their opinion is pain killers and whether marijuana is better alternative. We had a very good conversation about the negative effects of pain killers, both short as long term and if marijuana should be allowed to be used by athletes. We then talked about concussions in sports and I invited them to go to the faculty forum coming up in April about concussions in sports. It was pretty cool to see these men, who typically don’t like to get into too serious of conversations, to take a side on this topic and openly speak their minds.