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Career Fair is Upon Us

With the career fair being just a few days away for some of us, I decided to put up  a board with helpful tips and tricks for the career fair. Hopefully these tips will help you potentially land that big internship or full time job you have always been wanting!



Tonight I had a good conversation with a couple residents about professionalism. We talked about things like doing our hair and keeping our facial hair neat, instead of just letting it grow. We also talked about dressing a little professional even in our everyday life so that people will respect us more. Being professional is something that is always a work in progress but it’s never too late to start working on it.

Distinguished Lecturer

Today, Colonel Eileen Collins spoke at the university. Col. Collins is a retired astronaut and shared some great tips on how to be more successful in whatever you do. Some things were like establishing a good culture in your workplace and making a good reppport with your coworkers. Focusing on bettering you workplace will better you and your coworkers.

Ted Talk: Why work doesn’t happen at work

Why is that when we really need to get work done we don’t go to our place of work? Because work doesn’t get done there. From meetings to managers distracting us. There is too much going on to actually get work done. This TedTalk was followed by a great conversation about how we can get efficiency while at work and shared some great stories of distractions.